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Aug 2021

3 Things to Look for in a Crab Stick Supplier in Singapore

Positioning your seafood business for success depends on several factors—food quality, customer service, store ambience, and reliable suppliers. Yes, your fish, shrimp, squid, and crab stick supplier is part of the equation, so be sure to choose a reliable one.

Compared to other seafood, crab flavoured sticks (also known as “crab sticks”) are harder to find. You can’t always buy them in the marketplace when your krabs inventory runs out. The reason being is that crab sticks are processed fish meat, not freshly caught from the sea. They are only edible imitations, hence the term imitation crab.

Before we look at the considerations when selecting a crab stick supplier in Singapore, let us first take a closer look at imitation crab, its benefits, and how it is made.

Jan 2021

Thong Siek is one of 144 companies that have signed the President’s Challenge Enabling Employment Pledge, a commitment to providing more training and employment opportunities to persons with disabilities

Singapore’s President Madam Halimah visited Thong Siek Food Industry’s facility at Senoko Way, where she was led on a tour of its manufacturing processes for food items such as fishballs, fishcakes and crabsticks. The company has tapped technology to improve its productivity and efficiency, such as using QR codes to track the amount of raw materials in the inventory as well as machines to automate some work processes like vacuum packing.

Madam Halimah also stressed the importance of having a culture in the workplace where co-workers and management support staff with disabilities, citing Thong Siek as a good example.

Madam Halimah spoke to several of the staff who have disabilities, including 26-year-old Chan Wei Ling, a production operator who has mild autism and who is the company’s first PWD hire two years ago. Their duties include packing yong tau foo pieces and picking out defective items such as irregularly shaped fishballs. The company now employs five PWDs between the ages of 20 and 26, who all have mild autism, among its production staff of 120 and plans to hire 10 more persons with disabilities by the end of 2021.

Feb 2020

Thong Siek Awarded the Highest BRC Certification: Grade AA in the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

Thong Siek is exceptionally proud to be the first Singapore manufacturer of Surimi-Based Processed Seafood to obtain the highest-grade AA in the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.  This award acknowledges the high standard of food safety and best practices that Thong Siek adheres to. We have committed years of hard work to achieve current standards.

BRCGS is a robust Global Food Safety Standard developed by food industry experts from retailers, manufacturers and food service organisations.  It imposes sets of system which ensure good management practice and frameworks on product safety, integrity and quality so customers can be confident in a company’s food safety program and supply chain management.  All BRC audits are carried out by a global network of highly trained certification bodies and training providers.

Commenting on the accreditation, Thong Siek’s Deputy CEO, Ms Novelle Lim said: “It is a great achievement to be awarded Grade AA in the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.  The team has dedicated tremendous effort in setting stringent standards at Thong Siek.  We are extremely proud of this achievement; this demonstrates our ongoing commitment to delivering the highest standards of food quality and safety.”

July 2019

More support for enterprises that hire people with disabilities

April 2019

Smart Industry Readiness Index

Singapore’s Smart Nation ambitions are in full swing. Well-developed digital infrastructure and supportive government policies has made it a welcoming place for companies to setup operations and take flight their digital initiatives.

April 2019

Singapore Food Expo 2019

Location: Expo Hall 4 | Booth: SPB02
Date: 31 May – 04 June 2019
Time: 11am – 10pm (Free Admission)

December 2018

From a kampung shed, how a family fishball empire was built on automation

The founders of the DoDo brand, now a household name in Singapore, have transformed the simple and much-loved fish ball into a multimillion dollar enterprise. But is the factory-made version just as good?

November 2018

Key to manufacturing success in ASEAN

SINCE the early 1970s, the manufacturing sector has formed the backbone of the Singapore economy. In recent years, it seemed to have lost its shine, but reports now show that it’s making a comeback.

March 2018

300 companies to get free evaluation ahead of move to Industry 4.0

SINGAPORE: A total of 300 Singapore-based companies across all industries can get a free evaluation of their readiness to move into Industry 4.0, as part of the Government’s efforts to drive the adoption of advanced manufacturing and help manufacturers build smart factories of the future.
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