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Thong Siek is one of 144 companies that have signed the President’s Challenge Enabling Employment Pledge, a commitment to providing more training and employment opportunities to persons with disabilities

Singapore’s President Madam Halimah visited Thong Siek Food Industry’s facility at Senoko Way, where she was led on a tour of its manufacturing processes for food items such as fishballs, fishcakes and crabsticks. The company has tapped technology to improve its productivity and efficiency, such as using QR codes to track the amount of raw materials in the inventory as well as machines to automate some work processes like vacuum packing.

Madam Halimah also stressed the importance of having a culture in the workplace where co-workers and management support staff with disabilities, citing Thong Siek as a good example.

Madam Halimah spoke to several of the staff who have disabilities, including 26-year-old Chan Wei Ling, a production operator who has mild autism and who is the company’s first PWD hire two years ago. Their duties include packing yong tau foo pieces and picking out defective items such as irregularly shaped fishballs. The company now employs five PWDs between the ages of 20 and 26, who all have mild autism, among its production staff of 120 and plans to hire 10 more persons with disabilities by the end of 2021.

Article extracted from ST

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