Growth History


An eye for the fresh and a simply delicious family recipe for handmade traditional fishball were the perfect combination in the small family business taking off. Today, these same crucial elements remain at the core of TSG, so that every bite of traditional Singapore fishball is as good as it was then.


The quest for more efficient ways to meet the increasing demand for delicious and healthy surimi-based products became a priority. In the 1980s and early 1990s, we invested heavily in automation to increase production output as well as introduce new varieties of surimi-based products. Whilst the product line grew, the upholding of quality remained our utmost priority.


Following the stringent food safety standards of Singapore has led to a trust enjoyed by TSG far beyond Singapore’s shores. We supply to all the major continents, and have kept a leading reputation across Asia. As Singapore’s reputation for its heritage cuisine grows, TSG continues to press for an even wider reach to satisfy diversified global appetites.


Deeply rooted in our values since starting as a small family business, TSG continues to work hand-in-hand with its people and collaborate side-by-side with its growing pool of partners, to secure more channels to even more countries. This profound sense of looking ahead while still remembering where we came from guides our growth.

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