Together Making Waves

The leading manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of surimi-based seafood products in Singapore.



It all started with a dream,
a leap of faith,
and a passion for Fish balls…

Thong Siek Food Industry started in the 1970s as a family-run backyard operation. Then, the entire family was involved in the production and distribution of a single product – Fish Ball.

Our strong belief in outstanding quality and our quest for modern methods of production propels our growth to a dynamic conglomerate. Today, Thong Siek is a leading manufacturer, distributor and retailer of surimi-based (minced fish paste) seafood products. Our state-of-the-art 70, 000 sq ft factory processes well over 25, 000 kg of fish meat daily and more than 60 varieties of appetizing fish-based products for both local and international markets.

Our Brand Values are the three pillars on which our company stands. They reflect our priorities and serve as the inspiration of our corporate identity. To underscore the importance of living our corporate culture, our Brand Values form an acronym of our company name, a definite reminder that these tenets must become part of each one.


A cohesive body comprising many parts, we are formidable because we move as a team. We grow in strength and make a greater impact, together making waves.


Our individual capabilities combine together in a meaningful purpose because of our common direction. We set our sights to greater heights, achieving aspirations together.


Our ambition is caped by a global mindset that keeps our spirits high and our goals clear. We can stretch our reach farther, and progress outward, from our island nation to the world.


To give the world the same surimi-based goodness that Singaporeans have enjoyed for generations.



To work together in a balance of innovation and tradition in making excellent surimi-based products.

Thong Siek Global (TSG) is the leading producer of of traditional Singapore fishball and surimi-based products, distributed and exported across shores to more than 20 countries. Even with this global presence, we fondly remember that we started as a small family business in the 1970s. From that modest set-up, TSG is now a conglomerate with HACCP certification, Halal certification, AVA Grade ‘A’ Food Safety awards and EU licenses.


Thong Siek Awarded the Highest BRC Certification: Grade AA in the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

Thong Siek is exceptionally proud to be the first Singapore manufacturer of Surimi-Based Processed S

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